Golomt Financial Group is one of the largest and leading financial groups in Mongolia with over 1900 employees. It incorporates the nation’s leading financial institutions, Golomt bank, Golomt Capital, and Mandal General Insurance.

Golomt is the sacred hearth of the Mongolian household and it symbolizes Mongolian household’s spirit, strength and prosperity. Our mission is to be the hearth of Mongolian economic growth by delivering the best and innovative financial products and services to our clients.

We are committed to deliver world-class financial products and services to corporations, small and medium sized enterprises and individuals both at home and abroad.

Golomt Financial Group has been selected as a member Global Growth Companies, a community of World Economic Forum that consists of the enterprises on the global scale that stand out due to their innovative business models, dynamic growth, corporate global citizenship and visionary leadership. Through our membership, we are committed to further our involvement in developing  sustainable  economic growth in Mongolia and actively participate in tackling of global issues as a responsible corporate citizen. Our National Savings Program campaign that has been launched together with the Bank of Mongolia is an example of educating low income population on developing a habit of savings is a clear example of positively influencing our society towards sustainable growth.



We regard client satisfaction as utmost priority by keeping our promises at all times and exceeding their expectations with our products and services to build the most trustworthy and profitable relationship based on mutual trust and respect with our clients

  We strive to be the pioneer in delivering the world class financial products and services, integrating the latest technological developments and creating the most suitable solutions to clients’ needs

  Our success is built upon highly professional, skilled and ethical employees united under common goal to deliver superior products and services for our clients through collaboration, expertise and innovation