Golomt bank has been founded in 1995 as one of the first and leading commercial banks in Mongolia and since its inception it has been leading Mongolian commercial banking sector growth by introducing innovative products and services to the market. The bank employs over 1800 employees and it has received numerous awards and accolades, both at home and abroad, as ‘the Best Bank of Mongolia’.

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▪  In 2015, Golomt bank celebrated its 20th year annivesary
In 2014, Golomt bank introduced the first “American Express® Gold Card” in Mongolia
In 2012, Golomt bank introduced the first smart banking mobile application in Mongolia
In 2010, Golomt bank established “First Pension Fund”, the first employer defined contribution plan in Mongolia
In 2007, Golomt bank introduced first “Self Service Banking” service in Mongolia
In 2004, internationally renowned financial journal, “The Banker” names Golomt bank as the “Best Bank of Mongolia”
In 2000, Golomt bank introduced the first VISA card in Mongolia
In 1999, Golomt bank introduced the first Mastercard in Mongolia

In 1995, Golomt bank was founded with 4 employees and capital of 436 million MNT

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▪  Best bank of Mongolia by “The Banker” magazine – 5 times
Best bank of Mongolia by “Global Finance” magazine – 3 times
Best internet bank of Mongolia by “Global Finance” magazine – 3 times
Best bank of Mongolia by “Euromoney” magazine

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Corporate Investment banking

Current account

Current account Underwriting service
Savings account Savings account Corporate advisory
Loan services Loan services Structured finance
Card Services Card Services Custodian bank
E-banking services Trade finance Capital service
Money transfer Domestic guarantee  

Correspondent banks

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▪  Tel: +976 7011-1646, 1800-1646
E-mail: mail@golomtbank.com
Web: www.golomtbank.com
Address: Head Office of Golomt bank, Great Chinggis Khaan’s Square 5, P.O.Box 22, Ulaanbaatar 15160, Mongolia