Mandal General Insurance LLC, Golomt bank and Mongolian Business Council co-organized 6th “Annual Risk Management Forum-2015” on November 11, 2015 at Soyombo hall of Tuushin Hotel.

The forum aims to contribute to the lowering of country’s overall risk through researching and analyzing of nationwide risks and creating ways and solutions to manage those risks with professional organization.

“Annual Risk Management Forum-2015” was organized within the following key areas:

  • Main macroeconomics outlook of 2016 and main risks to consider
  • Risk management of business during crisis situation
  • Natural disaster and disaster risk

This year’s forum highlighted how to overcome difficulties of economic downturn with low risk and risk management talk of leading business owners on their experiences of leading their businesses sustainably with low risk and sharing of experiences while highly anticipated topics such as macroeconomic outlook of 2016 and issues of the economic downturn have been discussed with facts and calculations of the professionals.

The key management level managers of the leading companies of Mongolia have participated in the forum. Although, initial registration of the forum was set out to 350 people, over 550 participants from public and private enterprises attended the forum which clearly signifies the growing importance of the forum.