On its commencement of 20 years, Golomt bank successfully organized its 13th annual Student Scholarship Program, initiated by the Golomt bank for the first time in Mongolia among business entities in 2002, and awarded the students on November 7, 2015 

Golomt bank’s Student Scholarship Program is nationally renowned program that gives students an opportunity to challenge themselves both on academic base and talent base. Within the program, top 100 students receive scholarship every year regardless of their chosen majors and in the last 13 years, there are over 1200 students who received over MNT 1 billion in scholarship.

Previously, the evaluation was purely based on student’s academic merit and other successes whereas on the commencement of Golomt bank’s 20th year anniversary, students were evaluated on whether or not they are studying the top 20 high-in-demand majors announced by the Government of Mongolia, on their successes in both domestic and foreign competitions regardless of their GPA and grade level. 

On this year scholarship program, approximately 500 students from 23 accredited universities competed of which 48% of finalists were from MNU and IFE while 44% of finalists were in financial management and international relations major. 

The receivers of Student Scholarship Program will receive their scholarship throughout the academic year; moreover, they will be able to join Golomt bank’s Research Student Team, participate in Student Science Conference as well as an opportunity to work at Golomt bank upon their graduation. On behalf of employees of Golomt bank, we would like to wish great success and achievement to Mongolia’s youth’s future studies and any endeavors you may take along the road.