Leading bank of Mongolian banking sector, Golomt bank initiated nationwide project “National Saving Program” to support economic growth in the long-run through increasing of people’s savings.


Currently, there are approximately 820 thousand households in Mongolia of which 760 thousand households don’t have savings according to statistics.  If one of three of these households starts saving 50 thousand tugriks every month, they will accumulate 13 million tugriks in 10 years and the country will accumulate 3, 3 trillion tugriks of savings. Doing so, our country will be able to have national savings to prevent from economic depression while keeping currency flow within the country and support long-term economic growth.

Within the framework of National Program on Increasing Public’s financial education and national saving policy of Bank of Mongolia, Golomt bank initiated and launched “National Savings Project” on November 2, 2015 during the MOU signing event with the Mr. E.Batshugar, Vice President of Bank of Mongolia, and Mr. D.Sugar, Vice President of Golomt bank.

During the implementation period of the program, Golomt bank will promote and advertise benefits and solutions of savings to the greater public through EDU.GOLOMTBANK.COM, promoter website of financial education, and other media channels.